History of Flash Sales Begins in September 2010

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The Immediate Resource creates Flash Sales for collections of prom.

The Immediate Resource creates flash selling of newly received prom gowns from the top brands. For three days only, new stock in prom party dresses and long prom gowns are made available to stores and boutiques before the goods are stored awaiting the arrival of the next season.

The Flash Sale is a new and innovative way for stores and boutiques to replenish their stock quickly before homecoming and holiday season in Fall 2010. Traditionally they would likely wait until the next prom season in early 2011. In a Flash Sale the buyer can pick and choose the styles, color and size that she needs for her business. The stock is shipped immediately, no delays.

The idea and name of the Flash Sale comes from the glare of the old flash bulbs when celebrities appeared before the press. The pop and sizzle of the flash bulbs match the excitement of a three-day-sale on Flash!