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Sleeveless Short Sleeve Long Sleeve
This category includes 1-pc, 2-pc and 3-pc dresses, jacket and coat dresses. To further refine your selection of dresses, you can choose the length of the sleeve. For jacket and coat dresses, the sleeve length applies to the ensemble as usually worn.

Sleeveless includes any style dress with no sleeve, such as traditional sleeveless, halter, strapless, or bodice with straps.
Short sleeve includes all lengths of sleeves between the sleeveless and a full long sleeve, such as cap sleeve, traditional short sleeve, elbow-length, or 3/4 sleeve.
Long sleeve includes dresses with sleeves designed to reach the wrist or bracelet-length.

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Jones New York JMWH8WD169 Jones New York JMWH8WD169 Belted PlusSize Denim Dress

Jones New York JMWH8WD169
Colors: Glacier

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Tiana B. T2727 Tiana B. T2727 Glitter Print Bell Sleeve Dress

Tiana B. T2727
Colors: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Tiana B. T3212 Tiana B. T3212 Beaded Belt Capelet Sleeve Dress

Tiana B. T3212
Colors: Coral, Black

Our Price: ......
Tiana B. T2768 Tiana B. T2768 Dolman Triple Sleeve Dress

Tiana B. T2768
Colors: Red

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Shelby & Palmer 9H873 Shelby & Palmer 9H873 Pearl Chain Print PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9H873
Colors: Black/Multi

Our Price: ......
Shelby Nites 9N670 Shelby Nites 9N670 Rhinestone Trim PlusSize Dress

Shelby Nites 9N670
Colors: Black, Hunter Green

Our Price: ......
Shelby & Palmer 9J883 Shelby & Palmer 9J883 Button Front PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9J883
Colors: Orange

Our Price: ......
Shelby & Palmer 9K951 Shelby & Palmer 9K951 Novelty Print Trim PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9K951
Colors: Green

Our Price: ......
Shelby & Palmer 9H875 Shelby & Palmer 9H875 Floral Print PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9H875
Colors: Wine/Multi

Our Price: ......
Shelby Nites 9N680 Shelby Nites 9N680 Side Gathered PlusSize Dress

Shelby Nites 9N680
Colors: Blue

Our Price: ......
Glamour G0N633 Glamour G0N633 Long Sleeve Two-tone Dress

Glamour G0N633
Color: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Glamour G31D657W Glamour G31D657W Bell Sleeve Print PlusSize Dress

Glamour G31D657W
Color: Black/Blush

Our Price: ......
Glamour GHT657W Glamour GHT657W Bell Sleeve Print PlusSize Dress

Glamour GHT657W
Color: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Glamour GSS421W Glamour GSS421W Long Sleeve Scallop Neck PlusSize Dress

Glamour GSS421W
Color: Raspberry, Sapphire

Our Price: ......
Glamour GSS517W Glamour GSS517W Scallop Short Sleeve PlusSize Dress

Glamour GSS517W
Color: Mustard

Our Price: ......
Glamour GV3318A Glamour GV3318A Sleeveless Ruffle Animal Print Dress

Glamour GV3318A
Color: Black/Brown/Red

Our Price: ......
Glamour GSS496A Glamour GSS496A Ruffle Sleeve Contrast Trim Dress

Glamour GSS496A
Colors: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Glamour GSS818 Glamour GSS818 Ruffle Contrast Sleeve Dress

Glamour GSS818
Colors: Black/Fuchsia

Our Price: ......
Glamour GSS818A Glamour GSS818A Split Flare Bell Sleeve Dress

Glamour GSS818A
Colors: Raspberry/Ivory

Our Price: ......
Glamour GV3318AW Glamour GV3318AW Sleeveless Ruffle Animal Print PlusSize Dress

Glamour GV3318AW
Color: Black/Brown/Red

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785808 Allen Kay 785808 Sleeveless Pearl Trim Ruffle Hem Dress

Allen Kay 785808
Colors: Ivory, Black, Raspberry

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785819 Allen Kay 785819 Pearl Embellished Long Sleeve Dress

Allen Kay 785819
Colors: White, Black, Deep Teal

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785826 Allen Kay 785826 Contrasting Collar Pearl Necklace Dress

Allen Kay 785826
Colors: Black/Ivory, Red/Ivory

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785822 Allen Kay 785822 Long Sleeve Notch Collar & Cuff Dress

Allen Kay 785822
Colors: Black/White, Pink/Black

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785823 Allen Kay 785823 Long Sleeve Contrasting Trim Dress

Allen Kay 785823
Colors: Black/White, Mustard/Black

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785825 Allen Kay 785825 Short Sleeve Gathered Pearl Neck Dress

Allen Kay 785825
Colors: White, Inca Gold, Chile Pepper

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785824 Allen Kay 785824 Short Sleeve Asymmetrical Bowl Collar Dress

Allen Kay 785824
Colors: White, Pink

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785821 Allen Kay 785821 Short Sleeve Ruffle Yoke Dress

Allen Kay 785821
Colors: Red/Black, Teal/Black

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785817 Allen Kay 785817 Ruffle Cap Sleeve Keyhole Dress

Allen Kay 785817
Colors: Sapphire/Navy, Blush/Ivory, Black/White

Our Price: ......
Allen Kay 785820 Allen Kay 785820 Ruffle Cold Shoulder Contrast Trim Dress

Allen Kay 785820
Colors: Mustard/Navy

Our Price: ......
Shelby & Palmer 9K290 Shelby & Palmer 9K290 Peekaboo Sleeve PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9K290
Colors: Inca Gold/Black

Our Price: ......
Shelby & Palmer 9K296 Shelby & Palmer 9K296 Peekaboo Bow Sleeve PlusSize Dress

Shelby & Palmer 9K296
Colors: Ceylon/Black

Our Price: ......
Mlle Gabrielle 32012 Mlle Gabrielle 32012 Cap Sleeve Striped PlusSize Dress

Mlle Gabrielle 32012
Colors: Taupe/Yellow/Navy

Our Price: ......
Mlle Gabrielle 61879 Mlle Gabrielle 61879 Sleeveless Print PlusSize Maxi Dress

Mlle Gabrielle 61879
Colors: Navy Print

Our Price: ......
Mlle Gabrielle 61498 Mlle Gabrielle 61498 Crochet Lace Back PlusSize Shirt Dress

Mlle Gabrielle 61498
Colors: Blue/White

Our Price: ......
Mlle Gabrielle 61599 Mlle Gabrielle 61599 Adjustable Waist PlusSize Shirt Dress

Mlle Gabrielle 61599
Colors: Blue/White

Our Price: ......