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The Immediate Resource presents Immediate Fashion News, a new channel on You Tube.

March 29, 2010

The Immediate Resource maintains a new channel on You Tube - Immediate Fashion News.

Highlighting the launch of the new fashion news channel is an interview titled, The Secrets to Buying Special Occasion Apparel. Lee Martin answers questions concerning important aspects to being a successful buyer of special occasion apparel for a retail business. The interview was recorded prior to the Off Price Show in Las Vegas NV in February 2010.

Utilizing the new captioning features of You Tube, the interview can be seen with English captions, or with translation of the captions into many other languages. This is a big step forward in providing accessibility based on audio to visual tools and for language understanding.

The Internet video site has become another step in the evolution of broadcast television to cable to satellite and now the Internet for news and information in video-audio formats. You Tube is certainly the most well know. Since Google bought You Tube, the features and options for presentation have grown to include captions and translation of captions.

Videos currently showing on Immediate Fashion News:

  • Prom Fashion Show Jan 21 2010 Part 1
  • Classic Church Suits - an editorial commentary
  • Tour of 35,000 sq. ft. Showroom - The Immediate Resource
  • La Rea I Spring 2010 - Fine women's apparel for the boutique
  • The Secrets to Buying Special Occasion

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