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Jerry T SR7025 Jerry T SR7025 Ruffle Collar Tiered Sleeve Swing Coat

Jerry T SR7025
Colors: Black, Purple, Red

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Jerry T SR7129 Jerry T SR7129 Bottom Ruffle Tie Waist Lined Jacket

Jerry T SR7129
Colors: Black/White, Navy

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Jerry T SR7175 Jerry T SR7175 Long Sleeve Button-up Jacket with Pockets

Jerry T SR7175
Colors: Purple, Olive

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Jerry T SR7208 Jerry T SR7208 Wide Collar Graphic Print Pockets Zip Coat

Jerry T SR7208
Colors: Blue Multi, Brown/Navy

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Jerry T SR7019 Jerry T SR7019 Houndstooth Wide Collar Sidetail Jacket

Jerry T SR7019
Colors: Black/White

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Jerry T SR7018 Jerry T SR7018 Pleather Trim Wrap Style Belted Jacket

Jerry T SR7018
Colors: Black/White, Black/Flower

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Jerry T SR7021 Jerry T SR7021 Long Sleeve Two-tone Jacket

Jerry T SR7021
Colors: Gold/Black

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Jerry T SR7151 Jerry T SR7151 2pc Dress

Jerry T SR7151
Colors: Red, Blue, Black/White, White

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Jerry T SR7154 Jerry T SR7154 Lace Top

Jerry T SR7154
Colors: Brown, Black, Purple

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Jerry T SR113 Jerry T SR113 Long Sleeve Sheer Ruffle Hem Dress/Duster

Jerry T SR113
Colors: Purple, Gold/Leopard, Lavender, Red, Blue, Black/Leopard, Blue Flower, Red/Pink, Blue/Green

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Jerry T SR7059 Jerry T SR7059 Tweed Belted Jacket

Jerry T SR7059
Colors: Pink, Silver

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Jerry T SR7038 Jerry T SR7038 Daisy Jacket

Jerry T SR7038
Colors: Black, Gold, Blue

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Jerry T 7053 Jerry T 7053 Button Up Print Top

Jerry T 7053
Colors: Pink, Blue, Cream, Green

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Jerry T 7055 Jerry T 7055 Printed Skirt

Jerry T 7055
Colors: Pink, Blue, Cream, Green

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Jerry T SR586 Jerry T SR586 Belted Jacket

Jerry T SR586
Colors: White/Purple (not shown)

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Jerry T 1161 Jerry T 1161 Flocked Zebra Print Jacket

Jerry T 1161 (Cami & Skirt not Included)
Colors: Red, Copper

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Jerry T 361 Jerry T 361 Ruffle Trim 3pc Dress

Jerry T 361
Colors: Gold, Green, Blue
Skirt length: approx. 35"

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