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Jovani 50290LS Jovani 50290LS Beaded Bodice Strapless PlusSize Dress

Jovani 50290LS
Colors: Black, Champagne

Our Price: ......
Jovani 40945 Jovani 40945 Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Jovani 40945
Colors: Gold

Our Price: ......
Jovani 36599 Jovani 36599 Sleeveless Fit-And-Flair Dress

Jovani 36599
Colors: Red

Our Price: ......
Jovani 50341 Jovani 50341 Sleeveless A-Line Dress

Jovani 50341
Colors: Black Silver

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN60044 JVN by Jovani JVN60044 Floral Embroidered Tulle Dress

Jovani JVN60044
Colors: Black/Fuchsia, Black/Silver, Black/Red

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN48713 JVN by Jovani JVN48713 Floral Crop Top Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN48713
Colors: Blue

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN50200 JVN by Jovani JVN50200 Lace Bodice Ruffle Mermaid Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN50200
Colors: Black

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN55925 JVN by Jovani JVN55925 Beaded A-line Chiffon Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN55925
Colors: Black, Periwinkle, White

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN53186 JVN by Jovani JVN53186 Fit and Flare Ruffle Back Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN53186
Colors: Black, Turquoise, Red

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN50289 JVN by Jovani JVN50289 Floral Design Strapless Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN50289
Colors: Black

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN55874 JVN by Jovani JVN55874 Beaded T-back Chiffon Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN55874
Colors: Red, Royal, Black

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN58005 JVN by Jovani JVN58005 Lace Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN58005
Colors: Light Blue, Blush (White not available)

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN59080 JVN by Jovani JVN59080 Mikado V-neck Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN59080
Colors: Light Blue, Hot Pink

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN59080LS JVN by Jovani JVN59080LS Mikado V-neck PlusSize Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN59080LS
Colors: Hot Pink, (Light Blue not available)

Our Price: ......
JVN by Jovani JVN55934LS JVN by Jovani JVN55934LS Sparkle A-line PlusSize Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN55934LS
Colors: Black, Sand, Emerald

Our Price: ......
Jovani Bridal JB37043 Jovani Bridal JB37043 Strapless Lace Bridal Gown

Jovani Bridal JB37043
Colors: White

Our Price: ......
Jovani Bridal JB20042 Jovani Bridal JB20042 Cap Sleeve Bridal Gown

Jovani Bridal JB20042
Colors: White

Our Price: ......
Jovani Bridal JB42919 Jovani Bridal JB42919 Strapless Bridal Gown

Jovani Bridal JB42919
Colors: Off White

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN53216 JVN JVN53216 Lace Halter Dress

JVN JVN53216
Colors: Black, Ivory

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN41194 JVN JVN41194 2pc Lace Top Dress

JVN JVN41194
Colors: Black, Red

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN58023 JVN JVN58023 Lace and Tulle Dress

JVN JVN58023
Colors: Sky Blue, Ivory

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN59350 JVN JVN59350 2Pc Floral Top Dress

JVN JVN59350
Colors: Black/Fuchsia

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN45591 JVN JVN45591 Lace Up Back Dress

JVN JVN45591
Colors: Blush, Royal

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN48702 JVN JVN48702 Lace Tulle Mermaid Dress

JVN JVN48702
Colors: White, (Black/Nude not available)

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN60005LS JVN JVN60005LS Rose Bottom PlusSize Dress

Colors: Dark Gray

Our Price: ......
Jovani 46046 Jovani 46046 Sweetheart Neckline Beaded Belt Dress

Jovani 46046
Colors: Yellow, Fuchsia

Our Price: ......
Jovani 50759 Jovani 50759 Halter Neck Open Back Dress

Jovani 50759
Colors: Champagne, Navy

Our Price: ......
Jovani 28650 Jovani 28650 Fitted Cap Sleeve Lace Dress

Jovani 28650
Colors: Gunmetal

Our Price: ......
Jovani 99289 Jovani 99289 Sweetheart Beaded Lace Dress

Jovani 99289
Colors: Black/Nude

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN33055 JVN JVN33055 V-Neckline Trumpet Dress

JVN JVN33055
Colors: White, Indigo, Neon Pink

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN86957 JVN JVN86957 Deep V-Neckline Dress

JVN JVN86957
Colors: Black, White

Our Price: ......
Jovani 94285 Jovani 94285 Strapless Sweetheart Evening Dress

Jovani 94285
Colors: Fuchsia, Ivory, Black

Our Price: ......
Jovani 32941 Jovani 32941 Keyhole Crepe Dress

Jovani 32941
Colors: Hot Pink, Red, Yellow

Our Price: ......
Jovani 49923 Jovani 49923 Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Crop Top 2pc Dress

Jovani 49923
Colors: Ivory/Tangerine

Our Price: ......
Jovani 47571 Jovani 47571 Strapless Beaded Tulle Dress

Jovani 47571
Colors: Purple, White

Our Price: ......
Jovani 45570 Jovani 45570 Floral Print 2pc Dress

Jovani 45570
Colors: Print

Our Price: ......
Jovani 41639 Jovani 41639 Ruffle Dress

Jovani 41639
Colors: Fuchsia, Yellow

Our Price: ......
Jovani Bridal JB48313 Jovani Bridal JB48313 Beaded Bodice Bridal Gown

Jovani Bridal JB48313
Colors: Ivory

Our Price: ......
Jovani Bridal JB41503 Jovani Bridal JB41503 Embroidered Mermaid Bridal Gown

Jovani Bridal JB41503
Colors: Ivory

Our Price: ......
What could be hotter than Jovani?

Superior quality and cultivated designs are what Jovani offers. With Jovani Designs as your premiere designer, you are sure to make memories that will forever be memorialized in your choice of designer gowns. After all, an evening gown speaks volumes of the woman who wears it.