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The Immediate Resource is a Wholesaler for Boutique Owners. We do not sell to public. 

To apply for a wholesale account:

  • You must be a retailer of women's apparel. We do not sell for personal use. 
  • The Immediate Resource sells only authentic merchandise from the manufacturer. We do not accept applications from businesses that show, sell or advertise counterfeit, "replicas", "inspired by" or unlicensed logos.
  • We will drop-ship on special request. 

If you are shopping for yourself or your group or club, contact your favorite local boutique store. Again, we do not sell to the public. .

Account Application Form

To apply for a wholesale account, you must own and operate a registered, licensed business that regularly buys women's apparel for sale to the public.

Complete all the boxes before you send it to the New Customer Manager.

First Name:   
Last Name:   
Phone Number:   
Email Address:   
What you sell:   

Where you sell:


Company Name  
Company Street Address  
Company City  
Company State  
Company Zip Code  
Company Phone Number  

Your Company STATE Sales Tax Account Number (No EIN): 

(Federal EIN not accepted. In the US, your business must have a State Sales Tax Account or equivalent as required by the State.)


Your Internet / Social Media Pages: 

Provide the Internet addresses where you advertise, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you do not sell or advertise on the Internet, just type "None".

Your Business: 

Tell us about your business and customers:


We like to say thank you to our customers who send us referrals.
Did one of our established customers tell you to contact us?
If yes, please tell us the name of the person/business and his/her city.


Past Customers: 

Have you ever done business with us or bought from us in the past?
If yes, please tell us what business name and location you used for that previous account.

Before you click the Send button, please enter the following code into the box provided (no spaces):

This is a form that is sent to the New Customer Manager. Check your application before you send it. It must be complete.