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Friday, October 24, 2014 Grand Opening - Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Early morning

Byrd Jessup, President of The Immediate Resource

Ribbon-Cutting with Mrs. Jessup, his mother.

Gospel singers in celebration at the ribbon-cutting

Regional pageant girls modeling dresses

Sales reps after it's all over!

Monday, October 20, 2014 9:30 am - We're Open at the New Building!

Sunday Late Afternoon, October 19, 2014 Across the showroom, corner to corner, getting ready for opening Monday morning at 9:30 am.

Sunday Afternoon, October 19, 2014 The Systems Manager putting order into chaos! Phones working. Computers and database access up and running. Systems network and computer equipment room at the new building.

Saturday Evening, October 18, 2014 Adjustments to the new awning

Saturday Late Afternoon Special occasion long gowns and short dresses moving into place.

Saturday Afternoon, October 18, 2014 Byrd Jessup, Owner and President, directing the truck runs between 1305 and the new building at 1555 Regal Row.

Saturday Morning As the storm is passing, the move continues at a rapid rate!

Friday Night Storm Radar, October 17, 2014

Late Friday: Six trucks loading and leaving on the last day at 1305 Wycliff.

Friday, 4:00 pm The phones switched over to the new building. If you encounter any trouble try the 800-966-5517, email you sales rep or use this Contact Form.

Friday, October 17. 2014

We've been moving all sorts of things for days. The big final move is coming is just ahead.

Take a look at the new map. The new showroom is only four miles north off of I35E, at 1555 Regal Row, Dallas Tx 75247.

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Immediate Resource announces a newly designed logo in celebration of moving to a beautiful new building. The move is just days ahead. Stay tuned for more news.

Summer 2014

After bursting at the seams and filled to the rafters at our Wycliff location, we found a new building!

Our new building is under renovation for the next few months.

The building is located at 1555 Regal Row, on the northwest corner of Regal Row and I-35E. It is about four miles northwest of our current location at 1305 Wycliff Ave, Dallas, TX.

The new building provides 79,000 sq. ft. of space for our showroom and offices.

We'll keep you posted on our progress. We expect to move in late summer 2014.

You'll receive a special invitation to the Grand Opening and all the special events to celebrate our move. Your sales rep will be able to answer your questions about these activities.

From now until the move, we will continue to serve your business from our location at 1305 Wycliff Ave. in Dallas, TX.

Moving date is planned for late summer 2014.

Construction Update June 6, 2014

Refining plans and inspecting lighting options by the construction manager.


Construction Update August 2014 Installation of new rack system

View from the front to back as you walk in