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Jerry T SR7025 Jerry T SR7025 Ruffle Collar Tiered Sleeve Swing Coat

Jerry T SR7025
Colors: Black, Purple, Red

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Jerry T SR7129 Jerry T SR7129 Bottom Ruffle Tie Waist Lined Jacket

Jerry T SR7129
Colors: Black/White, Navy

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Jerry T SR7175 Jerry T SR7175 Long Sleeve Button-up Jacket with Pockets

Jerry T SR7175
Colors: Purple, Olive

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Jerry T SR7208 Jerry T SR7208 Wide Collar Graphic Print Pockets Zip Coat

Jerry T SR7208
Colors: Blue Multi, Brown/Navy

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Jerry T SR7019 Jerry T SR7019 Houndstooth Wide Collar Sidetail Jacket

Jerry T SR7019
Colors: Black/White

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Forgotten Grace SB152X Forgotten Grace SB152X Crochet Yoke Ruffle Sleeve PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace SB152X
Colors: Navy, Black, Olive, Red, Mocha

Our Price: ......
Forgotten Grace SB500X Forgotten Grace SB500X Embroidered Ruffle Hem PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace SB500X
Colors: Mustard, Navy, Olive, Burgundy

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Forgotten Grace ST8940X Forgotten Grace ST8940X Pearl Trim Tiered Sleeve PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace ST8940X
Colors: Navy, Black

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Raquel 2053 Raquel 2053 Sequin A-line Skirt

Raquel 2053
Colors: Black (Burgundy not available)

Our Price: ......
Raquel 2046 Raquel 2046 Wide Leg Stripe Pant

Raquel 2046
Colors: Print

Our Price: ......
Raquel 1090 Raquel 1090 Off Shoulder Scuba Peplum Top

Raquel 1090
Colors: Blush, Royal

Our Price: ......
Forgotten Grace ST9264X Forgotten Grace ST9264X Crochet Lace Trim PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace ST9264X
Colors: Black, Mustard, Burgundy

Our Price: ......
Raquel 1176 Raquel 1176 Flare Sleeve Sheer Petal Top

Raquel 1176
Colors: Red

Our Price: ......
Raquel 2033 Raquel 2033 Scuba Mermaid Skirt

Raquel 2033
Colors: Blush, Royal

Our Price: ......
Raquel 2073 Raquel 2073 Mesh Tiered High Low Skirt

Raquel 2073
Colors: Black

Our Price: ......
Raquel 2117 Raquel 2117 Bow Waist Print Skirt

Raquel 2117
Colors: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Raquel 1165 Raquel 1165 Three-Quarter Sleeve Front Twist Satin Top

Raquel 1165
Colors: Green, Royal

Our Price: ......
Raquel 1177 Raquel 1177 Short Sleeve Round Neck Top

Raquel 1177
Colors: Red, Black (Rust not available)

Our Price: ......
Forgotten Grace 8409X Forgotten Grace 8409X Beaded Size Zip PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace 8409X
Colors: Blush, Green

Our Price: ......
Forgotten Grace ST9419X Forgotten Grace ST9419X Embroidered Floral PlusSize Top

Forgotten Grace ST9419X
Colors: Burgundy/White, Rust/Black, Navy/White

Our Price: ......
Karen T Designs 7006 Karen T Designs 7006 Long Sleeve Pleated Maxi Dress

Karen T Designs 7006
Colors: Green, Red, Multi Print, Ivory

Our Price: ......
Tuscany H16679B Tuscany H16679B Zig Zag Stripe Fuzzy Cardigan

Tuscany H16679B
Colors: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Tuscany MH17539 Tuscany MH17539 Mixed Knit Aztec Print Cardigan

Tuscany MH17539
Colors: Khaki

Our Price: ......
Tuscany MX264577 Tuscany MX264577 Fuzzy Mixed Knit Cardigan

Tuscany MX264577
Colors: Black/Multi

Our Price: ......
Tuscany MX6054B Tuscany MX6054B Fuzzy Knit Color Block Cardigan

Tuscany MX6054B
Colors: Black/White

Our Price: ......
Tuscany MX30035 Tuscany MX30035 Fuzzy Knit Printed Cardigan

Tuscany MX30035
Colors: Beige

Our Price: ......
Emily 211295 Emily 211295 Three-button 2pc PlusSize Skirt Suit

Emily 211295
Colors: Mustard

Our Price: ......
Kayla 5208 Kayla 5208 Piano Pattern 2pc Knit Suit

Kayla 5208
Colors: Black/Silver
Jacket Length: 24 1/2"
Skirt Length: 30"
Catalog Page: 2

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FT Inc.  D1863 FT Inc. D1863 Rhinestone Embellished Sweater Dress

FT Inc. D1863
Colors: Black, White, Off White

Our Price: ......
Melissa Paige SM49751W Melissa Paige SM49751W Button-up Leopard Print PlusSize Top

Melissa Paige SM49751W
Colors: Multi

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JMWF8SC124 Jones New York JMWF8SC124 Plaid PlusSize Open Cardigan

Jones New York JMWF8SC124
Colors: Black/Wine

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JMWF8KT265 Jones New York JMWF8KT265 Floral Print PlusSize Knit Top

Jones New York JMWF8KT265
Colors: Wine/Print

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JMWF8WT077 Jones New York JMWF8WT077 Button-up Plaid PlusSize Top

Jones New York JMWF8WT077
Colors: Crystal Blue, Dark Magenta

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JPWF8ST072 Jones New York JPWF8ST072 Cowl Neck PlusSize Sweater

Jones New York JPWF8ST072
Colors: Blush

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JMWGBS5006 Jones New York JMWGBS5006 Foil Ponte PlusSize Legging

Jones New York JMWGBS5006
Colors: Black

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JPWF8WP267 Jones New York JPWF8WP267 Ponte PlusSize Legging

Jones New York JPWF8WP267
Colors: Black, Mushroom, Dark Fatique

Our Price: ......
Jones New York JMWH8WD169 Jones New York JMWH8WD169 Belted PlusSize Denim Dress

Jones New York JMWH8WD169
Colors: Glacier

Our Price: ......
Karen T Designs 5023 Karen T Designs 5023 Contrasting Dots Midi Dress

Karen T Designs 5023
Colors: White/Black, Black/White, Green/White, Red/Black, Red/White

Our Price: ......
Karen T Designs 6016 Karen T Designs 6016 Long Sleeve V-neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Karen T Designs 6016
Colors: Plum, Silver

Our Price: ......