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Alyce 60022 Alyce 60022 Beaded Crop Top Jersey 2pc Gown

Alyce 60022
Colors: White, Black

Our Price: ......
Alyce 60158 Alyce 60158 Diamond Lace Tank Dress

Alyce 60158
Colors: Red, Navy

Our Price: ......
Alyce 6515 Alyce 6515 Strapless Sequin Chiffon Dress

Alyce 6515
Colors: Electric Green (Pink not Available)

Our Price: ......
Alyce Paris 60050 Alyce Paris 60050 Chiffon Beaded Bodice Gown

Alyce Paris 60050
Colors: Royal, Navy, Charcoal

Our Price: ......
Alyce Paris 60196 Alyce Paris 60196 Embellished Top 2pc Gown

Alyce Paris 60196
Colors: Peacock, Red

Our Price: ......
Alyce Paris 60229 Alyce Paris 60229 Tulle Mermaid Gown

Alyce Paris 60229
Colors: Red, Royal, Teal

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3000 Clarisse 3000 Chiffon Embroidered Top Dress

Clarisse 3000
Colors: Fuchsia

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3012 Clarisse 3012 Chiffon Strapless Dress

Clarisse 3012
Colors: Fuchsia (Coral is not available)

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3411 Clarisse 3411 Fit and Flare Dress

Clarisse 3488
Colors: Powder Blue, Fuchsia

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3415LS Clarisse 3415LS Brocade Lace-up PlusSize Dress

Clarisse 3415LS
Colors: Periwinkle, Mint

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3472 Clarisse 3472 Chiffon Skirt Dress

Clarisse 3472
Colors: Red, Navy

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3488 Clarisse 3488 Two Piece Halter Mermaid Dress

Clarisse 3488
Colors: Royal

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3511 Clarisse 3511 Jersey Beaded Dress

Clarisse 3511
Colors: Marine Blue, Purple, (Green Not Available )

Our Price: ......
Clarisse 3513 Clarisse 3513 Split Skirt Beaded Dress

Clarisse 3513
Colors: Raspberry, Marine Blue (Purple Not Available)

Our Price: ......
Dave & Johnny 1954W Dave & Johnny 1954W Sweetheart Neckline PlusSize Dress

Dave & Johnny 1954W
Colors: Smoke Blue

Our Price: ......
Dave & Johnny 2143 Dave & Johnny 2143 Chiffon Beaded Bodice Dress

Dave & Johnny 2143
Colors: Turquoise, Red (Grey is not available)

Our Price: ......
Dave & Johnny 3214 Dave & Johnny 3214 Jersey Beaded Bodice Dress

Dave & Johnny 3214
Colors: Taupe

Our Price: ......
Dave & Johnny 4268 Dave & Johnny 4268 Jersey Cut Out Dress

Dave & Johnny 4268
Colors: Navy

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J11303 Jadore Evening J11303 Sequin Bodice Jersey Dress

Jadore Evening J11303
Colors: Black, Scarlet, Blush

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J11304 Jadore Evening J11304 Brocade Bodice with Neoprene Dress

Jadore Evening J11304
Colors: Midnight, Ivory, Scarlet

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J11307 Jadore Evening J11307 Crepe with Detachable Chiffon Train Dress

Jadore Evening J11307
Colors: Champagne, Dusty Pink, Aqua

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J4035 Jadore Evening J4035 Beaded Bodice Chiffon Dress

Jadore Evening J4035
Colors: Pink, Ice Blue, Coral, Cherry, Cosmopolitan

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J5034 Jadore Evening J5034 Beaded Bodice Chiffon Dress

Jadore Evening J5034
Colors: Navy, Silver

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J7037 Jadore Evening J7037 Bead Embellished 2pc Dress

Jadore Evening J7037
Colors: Black, Ivory, Mint

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J7051 Jadore Evening J7051 Bead Embellished Jersey Dress

Jadore Evening J7051
Colors: Black, Emerald

Our Price: ......
Jadore Evening J7064 Jadore Evening J7064 Sequin Mermaid Dress

Jadore Evening J7064
Colors: Lilac, (Silver not available)

Our Price: ......
Jovani 36599 Jovani 36599 Sleeveless Fit-And-Flair Dress

Jovani 36599
Colors: Red

Our Price: ......
Jovani 40945 Jovani 40945 Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Jovani 40945
Colors: Gold

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN41956 JVN by Jovani JVN41956 Strapless Waist Detail Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN41956
Colors: Royal, Red, Black

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN50204 JVN by Jovani JVN50204 2Pc Mermaid Dress

JVN by Jovani JVN50204
Colors: Fuchsia, Turquoise

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN45591 JVN JVN45591 Lace Up Back Dress

JVN JVN45591
Colors: Blush, Royal

Our Price: ......
JVN JVN53216 JVN JVN53216 Lace Halter Dress

JVN JVN53216
Colors: Black, Ivory

Our Price: ......
LaFemme Fashion 24013 La Femme Fashion 24013 2pc Dress With Trumpet Skirt

LaFemme Fashion 24013
Colors: Royal, Fuchsia (Ivory Not Available)

Our Price: ......
LaFemme Fashion 24175 La Femme Fashion 24175 2pc Beaded Long Sleeve Dress

LaFemme Fashion 24175
Colors: Pale Pink, Powder Blue, Nude

Our Price: ......
LaFemme Fashion 24230 La Femme Fashion 24230 Beaded Halter Back Dress

LaFemme Fashion 24230
Colors: Navy, Burgundy, Steel Gray

Our Price: ......
Mori Lee 42004 Mori Lee 42004 Cold Shoulder Dress

Mori Lee 42004
Colors: Ivory/Nude. Black/Nude, Red/Nude

Our Price: ......
Mori Lee 42013 Mori Lee 42013 Beaded Bodice Dress

Mori Lee 42013
Colors: Navy Multi, Fuchsia Multi (White Not Available)

Our Price: ......
Mori Lee 42045 Mori Lee 42045 Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Mori Lee 42045
Colors: Black, Ivory

Our Price: ......
Mori Lee 42073 Mori Lee 42073 Cold Shoulder Sequin Dress

Mori Lee 42073
Colors: Wine, Black

Our Price: ......
Mori Lee 42078 Mori Lee 42078 Criss Cross Back Jersey Dress

Mori Lee 42078
Colors: Black/Gold, Black/Silver

Our Price: ......