The Immediate Resource provides owners of women's apparel businesses with plus size and missy apparel. Our showroom has 1000s of styles from 100s of famous maker labels. We do not sell to the public. 100% authentic brands.
The products are presented in alphabetical order based on the brand name and style number.

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VIS-P106   Vision P106 Smocked Waist Shorts
FOR-81845   For Her 81845 Zip Front Faux Leather Jacket
ROS-RVTP2134P   Rosevelvet RVTP2134P Velvet PlusSize 2pc Pant Set
89T-T80691W   89th + Madison T80691W Stretch Woven 5Pocket PlusSize Short
ABB-981028   Abby Paris 981028 Lace-up Back Jersey Dress
ACC-D1252   Accent D1252 Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress
ADD-21F9850   Addison 21F9850 Faux Leather Inset Crepe Knit PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D104649   Adrianna Papell AP1D104649 Shimmer Tie Front Dress
ALE-1121465   Alex Evenings 1121465 Sequined Lace Jersey A-line Dress
ALE-1121796   Alex Evenings 1121796 Sequin Lace and Chiffon Tea-length Dress
ALE-112318   Alex Evenings 112318 Sequin Bodice Chiffon Dress
ALE-112655   Alex Evenings 112655 Scallop Lace and Chiffon Dress
ALE-112788   Alex Evenings 112788 Sequined A-line Dress
ALE-4121796   Alex Evenings 4121796 Sequined Lace Bodice Chiffon PlusSize Dress
ALE-412788   Alex Evenings 412788 Embellished A-line PlusSize Dress
ALE-81122326   Alex Evenings 81122326 Lace Bodice Satin Skirt 2pc Jacket Dress
ALE-81122482   Alex Evenings 81122482 Belted Lace A-line Dress
ALE-81171352   Alex Evenings 81171352 Sequined A-line Dress
ALE-8496728   Alex Evenings 8496728 Floral Sequin Sheath Dress
ALF-T80184W   Alfani T80184W Belted PlusSize Jumpsuit
ALF-T80820W   Alfani T80820W Print Knit PlusSize Jumpsuit
ALI-27900   Alibi 27900 Patch Trim PlusSize Denim Shorts
ALL-3317   Allure Bridal 3317 Beaded Bodice Tulle Bridal Gown
ALL-9517   Allure Bridal 9517 Bridal Gown
ALL-9553   Allure Bridal 9553 Bridal Gown
ALL-9607   Allure Bridal 9607 Bridal Gown
ALL-9667   Allure Bridal 9667 Bridal Gown
ALL-9674   Allure Bridal 9674 Beaded Bodice Ballgown Bridal Gown
ALL-9707   Allure Bridal 9707 Beaded Bodice Bridal Gown
ALL-9707L   Allure Bridal 9707L Beaded Lined Bodice Bridal Gown
ALL-9726   Allure Bridal 9726 Bridal Gown
ALL-9750   Allure Bridal 9750 Beaded Bodice Satin Bridal Gown
ALL-9761   Allure Bridal 9761 Ruched Strapless Bridal Gown
ALL-M637   Allure Modest M637 Bridal Gown
ALL-3408   Allure Romance 3408 Bridal Gown
ALY-27408   Alyce Paris 27408 Lace Cap Sleeve Dress
ALY-4242   Alyce Paris 4242 Beaded Spaghetti Strap Dress
ALY-4386   Alyce Paris 4386 Side Cutout Sheer Overlay Dress
ALY-4394   Alyce Paris 4394 Animal Print Dress
ALY-4430   Alyce Paris 4430 Scoop Neck Dress
ANG-20078   Angela & Alison 20078 Shimmer Jersey Halter Dress
ANG-81126   Angela & Alison 81126 Beaded Sleeve Dress
ANG-91023   Angela & Alison 91023 Lace Applique Halter Dress
ANG-91059   Angela & Alison 91059 Embellished 2pc Dress
ANG-91121   Angela & Alison 91121 Lace Ruffle Jumpsuit
ANY-T79830WB   AnyWear T79830WB V-neck Print Knit PlusSize Top
ANY-T80470W   Anywear T80470W Knit Maxi PlusSize Skirt
AZI-Z10442   AZI Z10442 Frayed Hem Denim Pant
AZI-Z10686   AZI Z10686 Faux Wrap Bow Top
AZI-Z11315   AZI Z11315 High-low Floral Embellishment Top
AZI-Z11937   AZI Z11937 Tie-dye Print Pleated Top
BEA-BT187   Beautiful by Enzoani BT187 Bridal Gown
BEN-2295   Ben Marc 2295 Single-breasted 2-pc Suit
BEN-2296   Ben Marc 2296 Long Open Jacket with Shell and Skirt - 3pc Suit
BEN-2298   Ben Marc 2298 Double-breasted 2pc Suit
BEN-2299   Ben Marc 2299 Single-breasted Two-button 2pc Suit
BEN-48466   Ben Marc 48466 2pc Jacket Dress
BEN-48477   Ben Marc 48477 3pc Suit Set
BEN-78095   Ben Marc 78095 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78095EXE   Ben Marc 78095EXE 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78096   Ben Marc 78096 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78096EXE   Ben Marc 78096EXE 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78098   Ben Marc 78098 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78098EXE   Ben Marc 78098EXE 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-78099   Ben Marc 78099 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-10495   Ben Marc Executive 10495 3-button Pant Suit
BEN-10496   Ben Marc Executive 10496 4-button Jacket Pant Suit
BEN-10498   Ben Marc Executive 10498 Double-breasted Jacket and Pant Suit
BEN-10499   Ben Marc Executive 10499 Pant Suit
BEN-11884   Ben Marc Executive 11884 3pc Pant Suit
BEN-11906   Ben Marc Executive 11906 3pc Pant Set
BEN-11909   Ben Marc Executive 11909 2pc Jacket Dress
BEN-11910   Ben Marc Executive 11910 3pc Wardrober Suit
BEN-11911   Ben Marc Executive 11911 3pc Skirt Set
BEN-11913   Ben Marc Executive 11913 2pc Pant Set
BEN-11920   Ben Marc Executive 11920 3pc Skirt Set
BEN-11953   Ben Marc Executive 11953 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11954   Ben Marc Executive 11954 3pc Pant Set
BEN-11955   Ben Marc Executive 11955 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11956   Ben Marc Executive 11956 3pc Skirt Suit
BEN-11957   Ben Marc Executive 11957 2pc Skirt Suit
BEN-11958   Ben Marc Executive 11958 2pc Jacket Dress
BEN-11959   Ben Marc Executive 11959 2pc Jacket Dress
BEN-11960   Ben Marc Executive 11960 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11961   Ben Marc Executive 11961 3pc Skirt Suit
BEN-11962   Ben Marc Executive 11962 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11964   Ben Marc Executive 11964 3pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11966   Ben Marc Executive 11966 3pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11967   Ben Marc Executive 11967 3pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11968   Ben Marc Executive 11968 3pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11969   Ben Marc Executive 11969 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11971   Ben Marc Executive 11971 3pc Skirt Suit
BEN-11972   Ben Marc Executive 11972 3pc Pant Suit
BEN-11981   Ben Marc Executive 11981 3pc Weekender Set
BEN-11985   Ben Marc Executive 11985 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11986   Ben Marc Executive 11986 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11991   Ben Marc Executive 11991 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11992   Ben Marc Executive 11992 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11993   Ben Marc Executive 11993 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11994   Ben Marc Executive 11994 4pc Wardrober Set
BEN-11995   Ben Marc Executive 11995 4pc Wardrober Set
MOR-5573   Blu by Mori Lee 5573 Illusion Bridal Gown
BLU-JK4027   Blue Age JK4027 Denim Jacket
BLU-JK4028   Blue Age JK4028 Denim Jacket
BLU-JK4038   Blue Age JK4038 Denim Jacket
BLU-JK4038R   Blue Age JK4038R Denim Jacket
BLU-JK4041   Blue Age JK4041 Denim Jacket
BLU-JK4042   Blue Age JK4042 Denim Jacket
BEA-BT158   Blue by Enzoani Bridal BT158 Illusion Neckline Drop Waist Bridal Gown
BLU-FADA   Blue by Enzoani Bridal FADA Lace Illusion Neckline Mermaid Bridal Gown
BLU-HARLEM   Blue by Enzoani Bridal HARLEM Beaded Applique Illusion Neckline Cap Sleeve Bridal Gown
BLU-KITARA   Blue by Enzoani KITARA Bridal Gown
BLU-KORRA   Blue by Enzoani KORRA Bridal Gown
BLU-4011SETD   Blue Leopard 4011SETD Print Knit PlusSize 2pc Short Set
BON-12WDB22P   Bongo Dress 12WDB22P Open-back Dress
BOO-JK25331Z   Boom Boom Jeans JK25331Z Denim Biker Jacket
BOR-BRT1003   Boram BRT1003 Heather Knit Basic Tee Top
BOR-BRT1012   Boram BRT1012 Wrap Knit Top
BOR-BRT1018   Boram BRT1018 Hooded Fleece Lined Cropped Jacket
BRI-1381   Brianna 1381 Cap Sleeve Embellished Chemise Dress
BRI-2323W   Brianna 2323W Sequin Embellished PlusSize Dress
BRI-2441W   Brianna 2441W Sequin Floral High-low PlusSize Dress
CAL-120201   Calla Blanche 120201 Bridal Gown
CAL-16103   Calla Blanche 16103 Bridal Gown
CAL-16104   Calla Blanche 16104 Bridal Gown
CAL-16105   Calla Blanche 16105 Bridal Gown
CAL-16108L   Calla Blanche 16108L Lined Bridal Gown
CAL-16118   Calla Blanche 16118 Beaded Bridal Gown
CAL-16130   Calla Blanche 16130 Bridal Gown
CAL-16242   Calla Blanche 16242 Bridal Gown
CAL-16243L   Calla Blanche 16243L Illusion Bodice Lace Lined Bridal Gown
CAL-16252   Calla Blanche 16252 Bridal Gown
CAL-17119L   Calla Blanche 17119L Lined Bridal Gown
CAL-17253   Calla Blanche 17253 Bridal Gown
CAL-17262   Calla Blanche 17262 Bridal Gown
CAL-17262L   Calla Blanche 17262L Lined Bridal Gown
CAL-18101   Calla Blanche 18101 Bridal Gown
CAL-18246   Calla Blanche 18246 Bridal Gown
CAL-19124   Calla Blanche 19124 Bridal Gown
CAL-19248   Calla Blanche 19248 Bridal Gown
CAP-CC2600   Capriana Couture CC2600 Geometric Print Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2601   Capriana Couture CC2601 Ruffle Bell Sleeve Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2603   Capriana Couture CC2603 Flounce Hem Print Knit Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2604P   Capriana Couture CC2604P Cutout Accents Print Knit Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2604S   Capriana Couture CC2604S Cutout Accents Knit Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2610   Capriana Couture CC2610 2pc Jacket Dress
CAP-CC2618   Capriana Couture CC2618 Status Print Bell Sleeve Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2623   Capriana Couture CC2623 Bell Sleeve Print Knit Dress
CAP-CC2624   Capriana Couture CC2624 Grommet Accent Dress
CAP-CC2640   Capriana Couture CC2640 Lace Accent Knit Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2643   Capriana Couture CC2643 Gold Accents Knit Dress
CAP-CC2648   Capriana Couture CC2648 Gold Button Accent Knit Chemise Dress
CAP-CC2651   Capriana Couture CC2651 Bell Sleeve Chemise Dress
CAS-2141   Casablanca 2141 Off-shoulder Illusion Embellished Bodice Bridal Gown
CAS-D110   Cassidy Sara D110 Bridal Gown
CAT-T80460W   Catherines T80460W Stretch Knit Capri PlusSize Pant
CBC-B082   CB Couture by Casablanca B082 Illusion Lacey Neck Cap Sleeve Embellished Bridal Gown
CES-J180211   Ces Femme J180211 Print Kimono Top
CHA-4614   Champagne 4614 2pc Jacket Dress
CHA-5601   Champagne 5601 Sequin Embellished 3pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5617   Champagne 5617 Ribbon Stripe 3pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5619   Champagne 5619 Brocade Stripe 2pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5620   Champagne 5620 Jewel Embellished 2pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5622   Champagne 5622 Brocade 2pc Suit
CHA-5623   Champagne 5623 Net Embellished Brocade 2pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5624   Champagne 5624 Ruffle Two-tone Dress
CHA-5626   Champagne 5626 Stud Embellished Crepe Knit Dress
CHA-5627   Champagne 5627 Novelty Lurex Print Knit Dress
CHA-5654   Champagne 5654 Embellished Knit 2pc Skirt Suit
CHA-5674   Champagne 5674 Two-tone Stripe 2pc Jacket Dress
CIT-37937   City Chic 37937 Animal Print PlusSize Romper
CJB-6636   CJ Banks 6636 Denim PlusSize Skirt
CLA-3427   Clarisse 3427 High Neck Lace Crop Top A-line Chiffon Skirt 2pc Dress
CLE-555392   Clever Carriage Company 555392 Boho Patchwork Hobo Handbag
CLE-657643   Clever Carriage Company 657643 Tourist Travel Silk Print Scarf
COL-COLD729724   Coldesina COLD729724 Zipper Puffer Jacket
COP-CW0110   Copperflash CW0110 Skinny Denim PlusSize Pant
COP-CW01100628   Copperflash CW01100628 Mid Rise Denim PlusSize Pant
COP-CW0130   Copperflash CW0130 Straight Leg High Rise Denim PlusSize Pant
COP-CW0220   Copperflash CW0220 Skinny Denim High Rise PlusSize Pant
COP-CW0223   Copperflash CW0223 Jeweled Cuff High Rise PlusSize Pant
COP-CW0327   Copperflash CW0327 High Rise Denim PlusSize Jogger Pant
COP-CW0327D   Copperflash CW0327D Distressed Pocket High Rise Denim PlusSize Jogger Pant
COP-CW046   Copperflash CW046 Denim High Rise PlusSize Skirt
COP-CW0698   Copperflash CW0698 Straight Leg Denim PlusSize Pant
COP-CW31524   Copperflash CW31524 High Rise Denim PlusSize Pant
CUR-201   Curations 201 Reversible Quilted PlusSize Poncho
DAI-4045   Daisy Fuentes 4045 Knit Top
DAL-94779X36   Dalin 94779X36 Print Cap Sleeve PlusSize Top
DAN-DB1000   Danillo Boutique DB1000 Linen Dress
DAN-DB10001   Danillo Boutique DB10001 Scuba Crepe Dress
DAN-DB10001W   Danillo Boutique DB10001W Scuba Crepe PlusSize Dress
DAN-DB10002   Danillo Boutique DB10002 Dot Print Scuba Dress
DAN-DB10002W   Danillo Boutique DB10002W Dot Print Scuba PlusSize Dress
DAN-DB1002   Danillo Boutique DB1002 Linen Dress
DAN-DB10021   Danillo Boutique DB10021 Scuba Crepe Dress
DAN-DB10021W   Danillo Boutique DB10021W Scuba Crepe PlusSize Dress

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