The Immediate Resource provides owners of women's apparel businesses with plus size and missy apparel. Our showroom has 1000s of styles from 100s of famous maker labels. We do not sell to the public. 100% authentic brands.
The products are presented in alphabetical order based on the brand name and style number.

Product Index
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1ST-8135961   1st State 8135961 Peplum Dress
2CU-81069   2 Cute 81069 Lace 2pc Dress
2CU-81012   2Cute 81012 Jeweled Cap Sleeve Crop-Top Dress
2CU-81013   2Cute 81013 Beaded Chiffon Dress
2CU-81031   2Cute 81031 Beaded Bodice Front Slit Jersey 2pc Dress
2CU-81034   2Cute 81034 Chiffon Cold Shoulder Front Slit Jersey Dress
2CU-81058   2Cute 81058 Embroidered Backless Bodice Dress with Sweep
2CU-81074   2Cute 81074 Lace Trim Crepe Jersey 2pc Dress
3KF-1195   3K Fashions 1195 Floral 3pc Skirt Set
3KF-6970   3K Fashions 6970 Metallic 3pc Suit
3KF-6986   3K Fashions 6986 Zebra Print 3pc Suit
3KF-7025   3K Fashions 7025 Two-tone 2pc Dress
AA-661007   A&A by Angela & Alison 661007
AA-661037   A&A by Angela & Alison 661037
AA-661047   A&A by Angela & Alison 661047
AA-661048   A&A by Angela & Alison 661048
AA-661054   A&A by Angela & Alison 661054
AA-661062   A&A by Angela & Alison 661062
AA-661065   A&A by Angela & Alison 661065
AA-661141   A&A by Angela & Alison 661141
AA-661158   A&A by Angela & Alison 661158
AT-AT6502   A&T by Venus AT6502 Ruched Corset Back Bridal Gown
MAC-1234   A&T by Venus AT6502 Ruched Corset Back Bridal Gown
ABB-93011   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 93011 Open Back Dress
ABB-93014   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 93014 Embellished Dress
ABB-95066   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 95066 2Pc Ruffle Skirt Dress
ABB-95080   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 95080 2Pc Beaded Dress
ABB-95143   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 95143 Jersey Bar Back Dress
ABB-97089   Abby Paris by Lucci Lu 97089 Lace Illusion Sweetheart Dress
ACO-3630   Acorn 3630 San Diego Hat Company Animal Print Cap
ACO-A31030   Acorn A31030 Soft Woven Sun Hat
ACO-A31035   Acorn A31035 Two-tone Stripe Shiloh Bucket Hat
ACO-A31038   Acorn A31038 Soft Woven Shiloh Fedora Hat
ADR-011222321   Adrianna Papell 011222321 Chiffon Overlay PlusSize Dress
ADR-012263480   Adrianna Papell 012263480 Lace Duster Jacket Dress
ADR-031921081   Adrianna Papell 031921081 Taffeta Button Up PlusSize Blouse
ADR-031929720   Adrianna Papell 031929720 Sequin Peplum PlusSize Top
ADR-041906620   Adrianna Papell 041906620 Beaded Dress
ADR-081883990   Adrianna Papell 081883990 Cap Sleeve Lace Dress
ADR-081915120   Adrianna Papell 081915120 Lace Illusion Dress
ADR-081917520   Adrianna Papell 081917520 Bolero Jacket Dress
ADR-091860321   Adrianna Papell 091860321 One-Shoulder Beaded Chiffon Dress
ADR-091922200   Adrianna Papell 091922200 Beaded 2pc Dress
ADR-181928200   Adrianna Papell 181928200 Beaded Chiffon Dress
ADR-191926470   Adrianna Papell 191926470 Strapless Polka Dot Dress
ADR-1E200040   Adrianna Papell 1E200040 Lace Illusion Dress
ADR-1E200760   Adrianna Papell 1E200760 Cold Shoulder Dress
ADR-1E201451   Adrianna Papell 1E201451 Dress
ADR-1E201575   Adrianna Papell 1E201575 V-Neck Dress
ADR-81928020   Adrianna Papell 81928020 Cap Sleeve PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1102317   Adrianna Papell AP1102317 One Shoulder PlusSize Jumpsuit
ADR-AP1D101174   Adrianna Papell AP1D101174 Dress
ADR-AP1D101224   Adrianna Papell AP1D101224 Dress
ADR-AP1D101554   Adrianna Papell AP1D101554 Crushed Velvet Dress
ADR-AP1D101749   Adrianna Papell AP1D101749 Pleated Illusion Dress
ADR-AP1D101794   Adrianna Papell AP1D101794 Sheer Sleeve Sheath Dress
ADR-AP1D101995   Adrianna Papell AP1D101995 Contrast Trim PlusSize Jumpsuit
ADR-AP1D102039   Adrianna Papell AP1D102039 Ruffle Bell Sleeve PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102070   Adrianna Papell AP1D102070 Embroidered PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102083   Adrianna Papell AP1D102083 A-Line PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102144W   Adrianna Papell AP1D102144W Cowl Neck PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102162   Adrianna Papell AP1D102162 One Shoulder PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102190   Adrianna Papell AP1D102190 Floral A-line PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102316   Adrianna Papell AP1D102316 One Shoulder PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102336   Adrianna Papell AP1D102336 Asymmetrical Flare PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102346   Adrianna Papell AP1D102346 High Low PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102347   Adrianna Papell AP1D102347 Cap Sleeve PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102350   Adrianna Papell AP1D102350 Side Twist Jersey PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102370   Adrianna Papell AP1D102370 Cross Front PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102571   Adrianna Papell AP1D102371 Asymmetrical PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102377   Adrianna Papell AP1D102377 Sleeveless Lace PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102497   Adrianna Papell AP1D102497 Sleeveless Ruffle Hem Dress
ADR-AP1D102559   Adrianna Papell AP1D102559 Ruffle Mock Wrap PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102578   Adrianna Papell AP1D102578 Floral Mock Wrap PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102729   Adrianna Papell AP1D102729 Sleeveless Flounce Hem Dress
ADR-AP1D102730   Adrianna Papell AP1D102730 Sleeveless Dress
ADR-AP1D102738   Adrianna Papell AP1D102738 A-Line Button Romper Dress
ADR-AP1D102751   Adrianna Papell AP1D102751 Floral Stripe Shift PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1D102829   Adrianna Papell AP1D102829 Dolman Sleeve Shimmer Dress
ADR-AP1D102899   Adrianna Papell AP1D102899 Long Sleeve Ruffle Front Dress
ADR-AP1D103016   Adrianna Papell AP1D103016 Asymmetrical Pullover Dress
ADR-AP1E200003   Adrianna Papell AP1E200003 Lace Top Sleeveless Dress
ADR-AP1E200040   Adrianna Papell AP1E200040 Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E200046   Adrianna Papell AP1E200046 Two Tone Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E200117   Adrianna Papell AP1E200117 Lace Chiffon Dress
ADR-AP1E200183   Adrianna Papell AP1E200183 Beaded Dress
ADR-AP1E200234   Adrianna Papell AP1E200234 Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E200480   Adrianna Papell AP1E200480 Beaded Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E200723   Adrianna Papell AP1E200723 Sequin Tulle 2pc Dress
ADR-AP1E201262   Adrianna Papell AP1E201262 Beaded PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E201377   Adrianna Papell AP1E201377 Dress
ADR-AP1E201425   Adrianna Papell AP1E201425 Dress
ADR-AP1E201493   Adrianna Papell AP1E201493 Beaded Dress
ADR-AP1E201648   Adrianna Papell AP1E201648 Portrait Collar PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E201652   Adrianna Papell AP1E201652 Embroidered Dress
ADR-AP1E201686   Adrianna Papell AP1E201686 Sleeveless Ball Gown
ADR-AP1E201686W   Adrianna Papell AP1E201686W V-neck PlusSize Ball Gown
ADR-AP1E201751   Adrianna Papell AP1E201751 Lace PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E201757   Adrianna Papell AP1E201757 Beaded Cowl Back Dress
ADR-AP1E201784   Adrianna Papell AP1E201784 Lace Popover Dress
ADR-AP1E201851   Adrianna Papell AP1E201851 Sheer Illusion Sleeve Dress
ADR-AP1E201890   Adrianna Papell AP1E201890 Sequin Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E201936   Adrianna Papell AP1E201936 Sequin Dress
ADR-AP1E202028   Adrianna Papell AP1E202028 Two-tone Dress
ADR-AP1E202067   Adrianna Papell AP1E202067 Strapless Sequin Dress
ADR-AP1E202142   Adrianna Papell AP1E202142 Rose Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E202168   Adrianna Papell AP1E202168 Sheer Flutter Sleeve Sequin Dress
ADR-AP1E202384   Adrianna Papell AP1E202384 Lace Peplum Dress
ADR-AP1E202438   Adrianna Papell AP1E202438 Sequin Dress
ADR-AP1E202444   Adrianna Papell AP1E202444 Cold-Shoulder Dress
ADR-AP1E202511   Adrianna Papell AP1E202511 Jacquard Dress
ADR-AP1E202525   Adrianna Papell AP1E202525 Beaded Lace Dress
ADR-AP1E202530   Adrianna Papell AP1E202530 Sleeveless Blouson Dress
ADR-AP1E202530LS   Adrianna Papell AP1E202530LS Sleeveless PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E202730   Adrianna Papell AP1E202730 Lace Tulle Dress
ADR-AP1E202824   Adrianna Papell AP1E202824 Sequin Lace-up Sides Dress
ADR-AP1E202976   Adrianna Papell AP1E202976 One Shoulder Dress
ADR-AP1E202976LS   Adrianna Papell AP1E202976LS One Shoulder PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E203013   Adrianna Papell AP1E203013 V Neck Beaded Chiffon PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E203026LS   Adrianna Papell AP1E203026LS One Shoulder PlusSize Jumpsuit
ADR-AP1E203078   Adrianna Papell AP1E203078 Floral Embroidered Dress
ADR-AP1E203162   Adrianna Papell AP1E203162 Soft Skirt Beaded Dress
ADR-AP1E203176   Adrianna Papell AP1E203176 Mikado Beaded Halter Dress
ADR-AP1E203216   Adrianna Papell AP1E203216 V-neck Flutter Sleeve Dress
ADR-AP1E203220   Adrianna Papell AP1E203220 Sequin Floral Side Ruffle Dress
ADR-AP1E203428   Adrianna Papell AP1E203428 Floral Flutter Sleeve Dress
ADR-AP1E203446   Adrianna Papell AP1E203446 V-neck Sequin Sheath Dress
ADR-AP1E203460   Adrianna Papell AP1E203460 Short Sleeve Ombre Dress
ADR-AP1E203529   Adrianna Papell AP1E203529 Off-Shoulder PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E203755   Adrianna Papell AP1E203755 Knit Crepe PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E203814   Adrianna Papell AP1E203814 Side Ruffle Jumpsuit
ADR-AP1E204623   Adrianna Papell AP1E204623 Tulle Draped PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E204727   Adrianna Papell AP1E204727 Kaftan On Shoulder PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E205064   Adrianna Papell AP1E205064 Short Sleeve Sheer Beaded Dress
ADR-AP1E205114W   Adrianna Papell AP1E205114W V-Neck Empire Waist PlusSize Dress
ADR-AP1E205141   Adrianna Papell AP1E205141 Lace and Ruffled Satin Dress
ADR-AP1E205326   Adrianna Papell AP1E205326 Long Sleeve Beaded Dress
ADR-AP1E205644   Adrianna Papell AP1E205644 V-Neck Floral Sequin Column Dress
ADR-AP1E204640   Adrianna Papell APIE204640 V-Neck Embellished Shoulder Dress
ADR-AP1E204863   Adrianna Papell APIE204863 Cape Sleeve Crepe Dress
AID-MD1E200326   Aidan Mattox MD1E200326 Dress
AID-MD1E200479   Aidan Mattox MD1E200479 Beaded Dress
AID-MD1E200914   Aidan Mattox MD1E200914 Lace Dress
AID-MD1E201068   Aidan Mattox MD1E201068 Lace Dress
AID-MD1E201173   Aidan Mattox MD1E201173 Strapless Peplum Dress
AID-MD1E201195   Aidan Mattox MD1E201195 V-Neck Dress
AID-MD1E201403   Aidan Mattox MD1E201403 Soutache Cap Sleeve Dress
AID-MD1E202397   Aidan Mattox MD1E202397 Beaded Short Sleeve Dress
AID-MD1E202834   Aidan Mattox MD1E202834 V-neck Keyhole Back Dress
AID-MD1E202877   Aidan Mattox MD1E202877 Sleeveless Beaded V-neck Dress
AID-MD1E202950   Aidan Mattox MD1E202950 Beaded Bodice Crepe Dress
AID-MN1E200046   Aidan Mattox MN1E200046 Sequin Dress
AID-MN1E200492   Aidan Mattox MN1E200492 Beaded Halter Dress
ALB-183776   Alberto Makali 183776 Sequin Chiffon High-Low Dress
ALB-183796   Alberto Makali 183796 Strapless Sequin Bandage Bodice Dress
ALE-060   Alessandro 060 PlusSize Cardigan
ALE-7176068   Alex & Eve 7176068 Abstract Print Silk Burnout Halter Dress
ALE-1121596   Alex Evenings 1121596 Lace Keyhole Dress
ALE-125846   Alex Evenings 125846 Sccop Neck 2pc Jacket Dress
ALE-125846LS   Alex Evenings 125846LS Sccop Neck 2pc Jacket PlusSize Dress
ALE-235316   Alex Evenings 235316 Tiered Knit Skirt
ALE-352450   Alex Evenings 352450 Draped Satin Top
ALE-366205   Alex Evenings 366205 Pleated Stretch Taffeta Top
ALE-366549   Alex Evenings 366549 Mock Wrap Stretch Taffeta Top
ALE-37209   Alex Evenings 37209 Skirt
ALE-4121205   Alex Evenings 4121205 2pc Poncho
ALE-434005   Alex Evenings 434005 Dress
ALE-81122149   Alex Evenings 81122149 Fit and Flar Dress with Shawl
ALE-81122152   Alex Evenings 81122152 A-line Jacket Dress
ALE-8117689   Alex Evenings 8117689 Embellished Jumpsuit
ALE-8117689LS   Alex Evenings 8117689LS Embellished PlusSize Jumpsuit
ALE-8117756LS   Alex Evenings 8117756LS Sequin Embroidered PlusSize Dress
ALE-8132909   Alex Evenings 8132909 Sheer Sleeve Dress
ALE-8132909LS   Alex Evenings 8132909LS Sheer Sleeve PlusSize Dress
ALE-84122131   Alex Evenings 84122131 Jacket Dress
ALI-0140X   Alisha & Chloe 0140X Off-Shoulder Stripe PlusSize Maxi Dress
ALI-0230X   Alisha & Chloe 0230X Off-Shoulder Stripe PlusSize Dress
ALI-92816X   Alisha & Chloe 92816X Tiered Sleeve Print PlusSize Top
ALI-9506X   Alissa M 9506X Lace PlusSize Vest
ALI-9712X   Alissa M 9712X Lace Back PlusSize Cardigan
ALL-716CC13PG14   Allen Kay 716CC13PG14 2pc Textured Jacket Dress
ALL-716MT19MT24   Allen Kay 716MT19MT24 Print 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-716MT19NL38   Allen Kay 716MT19NL38 Lace Print 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-716MT23MT30   Allen Kay 716MT23MT30 2pc Print Jacket Dress
ALL-716MT31MT12   Allen Kay 716MT31MT12 Chevron 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-716MT910   Allen Kay 716MT910 Print Jewel Embellished Neckline Dress
ALL-716SG05YU06   Allen Kay 716SG05YU06 Flower Print 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-716SG05YU061   Allen Kay 716SG05YU061 Leaf Print 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-716SG33SG42   Allen Kay 716SG33SG42 Petal Print 2pc Jacket Dress
ALL-785740B   Allen Kay 785740B Long Sleeve Double Bell Cuff Dress
ALL-785741C   Allen Kay 785741C Big Pearl Split Sleeve Dress
ALL-785742D   Allen Kay 785742D Bow Cutout Bell Sleeve Dress
ALL-785744F   Allen Kay 785744F Roll Sleeve Zipper Front Belted Dress
ALL-785745G   Allen Kay 785745G Sleeveless Bow Dress
ALL-785749A   Allen Kay 785749A Two Tone Dress
ALL-785760   Allen Kay 785760 Round Neck Flounce Sleeve Dress
ALL-785761   Allen Kay 785761 Double Ruffle Sleeve Dress
ALL-785762   Allen Kay 785762 Flounce Hem Bell Sleeve Dress
ALL-785763   Allen Kay 785763 Pearl Sleeve Dress
ALL-785766   Allen Kay 785766 Cut Out Sleeve Dress

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