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The African Prints Ethnic-wear & Caftans are popular, but hard to find in cute styles of first quality. This section has both African-inspired and East Indian-inspired ethnic-wear in separates ,comfortable caftans and sets.

African Ethnic-wear and Caftans sell out quickly. If you are interested in this product category, tell your rep so she can let you know as soon as more arrive. Call your sales rep at 800-966-5517. International call Dallas TX 214-634-8444.

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Kara Chic Knit Dress CHH20023 KaraChic CHH20023 Rhinestone Embellished Knit Maxi Dress

Kara Chic Knit Dress CHH20023
Colors: Black, Burgundy, Navy, Olive, Royal, Yellow

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Luxe Moda Dress LM132 Luxe Mode LM132 Oversized Knit and Woven Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM132
Colors: LT.GREEN

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Luxe Moda Dress LM133 Luxe Mode LM133 Floral and Ruffle Tulle Embellished Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM133
Colors: Black/Multi

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Luxe Moda Dress LM134 Luxe Mode LM134 Gathered Woven Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM134
Colors: Green

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Luxe Moda Dress LM135 Luxe Mode LM135 Grommet Accent Knit and Tulle Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM135
Colors: Black/Blue

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Luxe Moda Dress LM136 Luxe Mode LM136 Woven Gathered Panels Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM136
Colors: Black/Blue

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Luxe Moda Dress LM137 Luxe Mode LM137 Typography Oversized Knit Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM137

Our Price: ......
Luxe Moda Dress LM138 Luxe Mode LM138 Mesh Overlay Typography Knit Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM138

Our Price: ......
Luxe Moda Dress LM139 Luxe Mode LM139 Denim and Knit Panel Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM139
Colors: Black/Denim

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Luxe Moda Tunic LM140 Luxe Mode LM140 Denim and Sheer Tunic Duster

Luxe Moda Tunic LM140
Colors: Navy

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Luxe Moda Tunic LM141 Luxe Mode LM141 Denim Patch Pocket Tunic Duster

Luxe Moda Tunic LM141
Colors: Black/Denim

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Luxe Moda Dress LM142 Luxe Mode LM142 Ruffle Trim Print Oversized Dress

Luxe Moda Dress LM142
Colors: Black/White

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Karachic Jumpsuit 7601 KaraChic 7601 Authentic African Print Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Karachic Jumpsuit 7601
Colors: 538, 550, Blue/Multi Print

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Karachic Dress 7605 KaraChic 7605 Authentic African Print Slit Sleeve Dress

Karachic Dress 7605
Colors: 540, 552

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Karachic Maxi Skirt 7001 KaraChic 7001 Elastic Waist Authentic African Print Maxi Skirt

Karachic Maxi Skirt 7001
Colors: 522, 531, 532, 533, Aqua/Multi, Assorted, Black/Gold Print, Black/White Circle Print, Black/White Dot, Black/White Print, Blue

Our Price: ......
Karachic 7001D KaraChic 7001D Authentic African Dashiki Print Maxi Skirt

Karachic 7001D
Colors: Black/Gold, Black/Marooon, Black/White, Gold/Yellow, Lemon/Green, Orange, Red/Blue, Royal/White, WHT/BLACK

Our Price: ......
Karachic 8007 KaraChic 8007 Long Sleeve Camouflage Wrap Dress

Karachic 8007
Colors: Green Camo, Orange Camo

Our Price: ......
Karachic 7001S KaraChic 7001S Elastic Waist Skirt

Karachic 7001S
Colors: Black, Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Mustard, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, White, Yellow

Our Price: ......
Karachic 28" Skirt 7012 KaraChic 7012 Authentic African Print 28" Skirt

Karachic 28" Skirt 7012
Colors: 262A, Assorted, Black/Gold Print, Blue/Multi Print, Blue/White Print, Green/Pink Polka Dot, Multi Purple/Yellow, Navy/White Pr

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic Printed Pant 701 KaraChic 701 Elastic Waist Wide Leg Two-pocket Pant

Kara Chic Printed Pant 701
Colors: Black/White Print, Blue/Orange Print, Leopard Print, Pink Camo, Pink/Gray Camo, Pink/Green Print, Red/Orange Multi, White/Blac

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic Skirt 7012X KaraChic 7012X Authentic African Print 28" PlusSize Skirt

Kara Chic Skirt 7012X
Colors: Blue/Multi Print, Multi Print, Pink/Green Print, Purple/Gold Print

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Karachic Jumpsuit 7616 KaraChic 7616 Authentic African Print One-shoulder Jumpsuit

Karachic Jumpsuit 7616
Colors: 535, 551

Our Price: ......
Karachic Dress 7626 KaraChic 7626 Authentic African Print Cold-shoulder Dress

Karachic Dress 7626
Colors: 537, 545, 551

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic Maxi Dres 7613 KaraChic 7613 Authentic African Print Maxi Dress

Kara Chic Maxi Dres 7613
Colors: 534, 545, Leopard Print

Our Price: ......
Celina Dress 116P Celina 116P Headwrap and Matching Print Smocked PlusSize Dress

Celina Dress 116P
Colors: Assorted Prints, BG/Blue, BG/Green, BG/Purple, BG/Red, BG/Turquoise, BGE Blue, BGEPATCH, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Purple

Our Price: ......
Celina Dress 111P Celina 111P Headwrap and Matching Print Dress

Celina Dress 111P
Colors: BG/Purple, BG/Red, Black/Green, Black/Purple, Black/Teal, Black/Yellow, Blue Stripe, Blue Wheat, Fuchsia/Yellow, Green/Red, GR

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic 2pc Set 7607 KaraChic 7607 Authentic African Print 2pc Pant Set

Kara Chic 2pc Set 7607
Colors: 534, Leopard Print

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic Dress 7611 KaraChic 7611 Authentic African Print Cut-out Dress

Kara Chic Dress 7611
Colors: 538, 539

Our Price: ......
Kara Chic Jumpsuit 7610 KaraChic 7610 Authentic African Print Jumpsuit

Kara Chic Jumpsuit 7610
Colors: 542

Our Price: ......
Step In Style AA18804 Step in Style AA18804 Ruched Sleeve Duppioni Wrap Top

Step In Style AA18804
Colors: Blue, Fuchsia, Mustard, Orange, White

Our Price: ......
Nf CHH17068 NF CHH17068 Off-shoulder Smocked Top

Nf CHH17068
Colors: Black, Burgundy, Lime, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Teal

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Mt Collection Kaftan MT2005 MT Collection MT2005 Long Print Kaftan

Mt Collection Kaftan MT2005

Our Price: ......
Karachic Jumpsuit 251NP KaraChic 251NP Authentic African Print Sleeveless Bottom Zip Jumpsuit

Karachic Jumpsuit 251NP
Colors: Black/Gold Print, Black/White Dot, Blue/Multi Print, Green Camo, Kente/Multi, Leopard Print, Red/Black Print, Red/White Print,

Our Price: ......
Karachic Caftan 7528 KaraChic 7528 Authentic African Print Caftan

Karachic Caftan 7528
Colors: Leopard Print

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African Ethnic-wear is inspired by the colorful print fabrics and styles created by the many communities in Africa. The block prints, mud cloth, and colorful dyes typically use a basic woven cotton fabric. The styles fit loose for comfort, though they can be worn with a belt or scarf as a tie belt to add definition. African ethnic-wear and Indian ethnic-wear are two of the most popular regionally inspired clothing designs. These styles are seen in popular movies and in the news worn by dignitaries at international government functions. Museums collect original examples to help preserve the traditions of the cultures and communities with unique styles of clothing from around the world.